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Dr Patrick Leconte

Dr. Patrick Leconte is the founder of TranZenDental a dental company focused on treatment, research and development of oral and dental conditions with a holistic approach.

Dr. Leconte obtained his Doctorate in Dental Medicine at the University of Florida in 1997 and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of oral medicine as well as cosmetic dental rehabilitation. The emphasis of his studies and research spans across multiple disciplines including stem cells, laser, epigenetics, micronutrients, to toxicity of biomaterials in the field of dental and oral medicine.

Dr Leconte realized early on about the essential importance of  integrating digital technology into the process of smile engineering and implantology. He has built a deep expertise in tooth extraction, gum diseases treatment, cosmetic dentistry, implants and occlusion and specializes in the treatment of some of the most complex cases.

Influenced by a family artistic background, he sees every restorative treatment as an opportunity to create an outstanding beautiful smile.

He has trained with the most influential restorative (implant) and cosmetic dentists such as Dr. Larry Rosenthal, Dr. Pascal Magne, Michael Pikos, Dr. Pete Dawson, Dr Frank Spear, Dr. Carl Misch, Dr Richard Miron.

Dr. Leconte pushes the traditional boundaries of holistic dentistry with innovative concepts such as oral biomarkers, live microscopy examination, nutrition engineering and biological detoxification.

Also, for the past 17 years, the sciences of consciousness has greatly influenced his practice of dentistry.  He combines his knowledge in eastern medicine with functional medicine to bring an integrative approach to dentistry. He is a trained Yoga teacher, a Tai Chi student, an Ayurveda and homeopathic user.

He has also participated in the development and commercialization of a line of oral care products without a single chemical or synthetic component. These products aim to maintain an oral biological balance, prevent oral diseases and enhance health in general.

Dr Leconte’s goal is to help you to optimize the health of your entire body through integrating the health of your mouth with your physical, mental and emotional state. And with this, bringing you an amazing, beautiful smile that will make you proud.

Tranzendental team

Our Team

We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

Why Patients Choose Us

dental experience

A great experience

Dr. Leconte and our entire team are dedicated to your wellbeing, and it shows. Our patients consistently tell us how grateful they are for us, how knowledgeable and informative our staff is, and how experienced and skilled Dr. Leconte is in expert dentistry. We have often been told that we are the dental experts in the area, and we strive to maintain this reputation with our advanced, experienced care.

stress free dentistry

Stress-free, Anxiety-free comfort

Our patients love how they can get all their implant care completed in one office and how comfortable we make them feel during the entire process. We have worked hard to make this possible through advanced education and training, and we are thrilled to be able to provide comprehensive implant dentistry!

dental technology

Technology & advanced systems

We are committed to providing the most advanced and quality care at our office. Digital surgical technology is the backbone of our care and enables us to improve the accuracy of our diagnostics, precision in surgical and restorative care, and the long-term success of treatment. If you are looking for a technology-forward implant practice, let us be your first choice!

Dental implants

We guaranteed quality outcomes

At our office, we lead your treatment from beginning to end, including all fees, procedures, and follow-up care. We take all responsibility for your treatments (and in the rare occasion of a complication) during the implant process. This approach gives you confidence that you are receiving the best care for your unique needs at the best price point, ensuring the most beneficial and long-term outcomes of your care.

Why We Are Technology Forward

Much can be said for traditional dentistry. After all, it has helped countless patients return to optimal oral health and confidence. However, with the introduction of advanced dental technologies and techniques, dentists around the world have been able to provide the same services at a much higher standard of care.

We choose to use advanced technology in our practice because we know that it greatly improves both the experiences of our patients, the predictability of our treatments, and the clinical outcomes. Dr. Leconte, and our experienced team are trained to use the equipment and technology in our office, helping to streamline your treatment, minimize or eliminate error, and confidently provide predictable implant and restorative care.

Our Patients Tell The Story Best

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dental customer testimonial

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