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William shares his experience of bad teeth to implant supported dentures:

“Dr Leconte took time to really educate me so I would have an understanding of what needed to be done and why. | really appreciate the compassion, humility, and customer service from the entire staff. I’m

thankful to be a patient!”

William’s oral health started going down hill as he lost fillings.  It was getting that he was unable to chew properly and impacting his enjoyment of food.  Making the decision to have implants was a huge decision and it took a great deal of trust to redo the whole mouth.

He reported no pain and the outcome has been a complete success

Lyle tells his story of complete upper and lower arch restoration:

“There is literally not enough space to write how amazing this office is!!! The best way to describe TranZenDental is … it’s the most amazing and awesome customer service and patient experience!!!.”

Lyle had a complete restoration of both upper and lower arches. Lyle’s work means he has travelled much of his life, and he chose to have varied dental work done on the cheap overseas.  Combined with years of neglect, the result was significant oral health issues including difficulty eating.

Lyle was determined not to “put up with dentures” and started to investigate dentists who would give him the confidence in getting the job done.  It’s been one of the best decisions of his life    

tranzendental patient testimonials

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